Three simple steps to turn your cold leads into clients

Three Simple Steps to Turn Your Cold Leads into Clients

What is the most common thing every successful business has? They all start with cold leads.

Cold leads are your initial touchdown!

In the coaching business, no one ever converts a cold lead into a hot lead in just one attempt. Either you are making a cold call or writing an email, don’t expect instant gratification. It is a slow process.

The thing you need to focus on is building trust.

For the sake of this article, let me clarify a few key differences while identifying cold, warm, or hot leads.

Cold leads are prospects who know you are aware of their pain points, who might have signed up for your newsletter but never interacted or engage with you. For them, it’s maybe “sometime” in future scenarios. Warm leads are someone you have built a certain level of trust in your services, but they are not ready or not sure yet! Hot leads have done their research. They engage with your content and “almost” ready to sign up for your services.

There, first, accept that. Your goal is to attract the right cold lead, someone who has the same digital persona as your ideal client. And I am sharing some industry insights on how to do that with less pain and more results!

When I talk about cold leads, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Lead magnet right!

The best and worst thing about the online world is it has opened us to so many possibilities while exposing so much competition and noise.

It’s crowded out there!

No one is surprised by lead magnets anymore. People are smart, and they won’t give away their information that easily.

So, you need to warm them up!

If you even want to get their true contact information, you have to give THEM something they really want. (How many of us have fake emails or email addresses we barely check?)

Most marketing campaigns want qualified leads – this means people who are actually going to engage with your content and who will eventually buy something from you.

We don’t want campaigns where people just give fake email addresses and leave.

So how do you do this? How do you entice a cold lead to give you their information?- By giving them engaging content that will actually help them.

Also, here’s the tip, don’t just give them something they could have just found through Google.

You’ve to give them a piece of your secret sauce.

And, here are three ways to strategically do that!

#1 – Research and trailer down their exact needs (well, almost exact)

As Phoebe Buffery once said, “They know that we know that they know!”

Your cold lead knows that you know their pain points. But, to serve them better, take one step further and try to figure out what exactly they are looking for.

For example, if you are a nutritionist, are your cold leads specifically looking for nutrition and health support after a C section, or are they looking to get detox every month?

Niche that down, and trailer the outreach campaign specifically talk about their pain points and how you can offer the solution.

#2 – The second step would be to build the social proof of your services.

Testimonials work best, always! But, if you can show them exactly how you are delivering high results, it will work wonders.

This is the key moment where they might start engaging with your content. Use other tools like search engine optimization, social media, or email marketing to keep building on your authority.

Place yourself as the only solution to their problems.

#3 – Then follow up, follow up and follow up.

According to Copper’s study, “Follow-up emails typically get a better response rate than the first email. This study reported around 18% response rate to the first email, 13% to the fourth, and 27% to the sixth.”

So, roll your sleeves, and don’t forget to follow up.

To turn your cold leads into paying customers you need to be authentic and be consistent. It’s the beginning of your relationship with your client, so give them the secret sauce while building their trust by social proof and testimonials.

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