The 5 Facebook Ads Campaigns That Are Proven To Get Results

The 5 Facebook Ads Campaigns That Are Proven To Get Results

In the past year, Facebook has gone through many changes. Some of these changes have affected Facebook ads, so make sure you are aware of these changes in order to run effective ads that follow Facebook’s advertising recommendations. You must also be familiar with how each ad campaign works to get the most from your Facebook ad. But, are Facebook ads really effective?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs, particularly those in the small to medium scale, are apprehensive about using Facebook ads for marketing improvements and business growth. But the truth is, using Facebook ads is one of the most effective marketing strategies that businesses can do today. In fact, as of the end of 2020, Facebook already has 2.8 billion active monthly users, which currently makes it the world’s largest social media platform. And if you’re a business, you would want to be seen on a platform where most people are active.

There are over 160 million businesses using Facebook each month to interact with their customers. Paid Facebook ads are used by 93% of social media marketers. In 2020, Facebook’s ad revenue grew by 4.9% despite the uncertainties created by COVID-19, and they’re projected to rise by 22% this year.

In terms of organic reach, Facebook posts reach 6.4% of a page’s likes on average. But because of Facebook’s algorithms, organic posts are reaching fewer people – which means you need to pay to boost your post in order to reach a larger audience.

With organic reach for businesses decreasing, Facebook ads are becoming more relevant for raising brand awareness, attracting new customers, and converting them. If a Facebook ad campaign isn’t working, then it could only be because they were targeted poorly, their content was low-quality, or they were budgeted too aggressively.

So, what campaigns should you be using to get your desired result?

If you are advertising on Facebook, you should know that there are three levels in creating a Facebook Ads campaign: the campaign, the ad set, and the actual ads. The ads level is where you put your copy and your creativity. The ad set is where you’re targeting your audience. The campaign is where you define your objective and tell Facebook what to do. In this blog, let’s talk about the campaign level.

Do you know what Facebook ads campaign works best for you?

Here are the five types of Facebook Ad campaigns that will help you get results in your business:

Like Campaign

A Like campaign is when you’re getting as many people as possible to actually like your page. The more likes to your page, the more you will be able to build trust.

This is particularly helpful if your page just launched or if you don’t have a massive following. Why? This is because a targeted audience whose friends have liked the advertised page will also see that their friends have liked it. The targeted audience is more likely to trust a Facebook Page if they see trusted family members and friends liking it. This increases the probability that the targeted audience likes the page itself.

A Like campaign also increases brand awareness because it exposes your page to new audiences instantly. As a result, your post or page gets more visibility, leading to a higher engagement rate.

With Like campaigns, Facebook will charge you every time someone likes your campaign.

Video Views

Video views are one of my most favorite types of campaigns. This is because video views are super cheap on Facebook and can be an excellent way of building an audience. Using this type of campaign, you can build an audience that you can retarget later. It also lets you bring in people who don’t even know you or have never heard of you at all.

This type of campaign usually has similar results with engagement, but with a distinct difference. With engagement campaigns, you get more likes and comments. Video views can also give you engagement, but with video views, you get as many people based on your targeted audience to view your video. In the case of engagement, you are targeting as many people to engage with your post, regardless of the format.

Videos are a powerful content format that your business should be taking advantage of. Researchers found that audiences who view videos are 1.81X more likely to buy than those who do not. By utilizing video views campaigns, this opportunity will be magnified.

Facebook video ads will help you get people to remember your brand and return to your site. They aren’t just about following a trend – they are a powerful marketing tactic that will help your business engage and convert website visitors, drive leads down your email marketing funnel, and increase social media engagement.

When it comes to pricing, you will be billed every time someone watches your video for three seconds if you are using video views campaigns.


Reach campaigns help you get as many people as possible to see your content. This is important because with other campaigns not everyone in your target audience is going to see your content just because you have a target audience.

Reach campaigns will increase and maximize the number of people in your target audience to see your post and the frequency that they see them. Having more people see your post will help you build brand awareness, change people’s perception of your brand, or grow your audience.

The most successful Reach campaigns are done with a warm audience since they’ll eventually engage more. The more people who see the campaign, the more likely they are to take action. Warm audiences tend to have smaller audience sizes and can, therefore, be targeted more effectively by Reach campaigns by choosing time duration windows that are more specific.

Reach campaigns are billed based on the number of people who see your post according to the settings you previously set.


Traffic campaigns enable you to send as many people as possible to your landing page based on the criteria you set. These campaigns help you generate interest and grab people’s attention through targeted advertising.

Customers expect your business to know them and be able to meet their needs. Thus, when you use Traffic campaigns and target a specific audience with an ad, Facebook will show your ad to that audience and direct them to your page so they can learn more about what you can offer them.

Traffic campaigns may not result in opt-ins, but they do drive traffic to your landing page.


Conversion campaigns encourage people to take action. It helps you grow your business on your website or page. The goal of conversion campaigns is to get potential customers to visit your post-click pages and take the desired action.

Conversion campaigns are useful for increasing sales by converting people to close an online transaction or take an action such as enrolling in a course. It can also aid in driving traffic by encouraging your visitors to visit your post-click landing page.

However, you need to have a certain amount of conversion events a week if you want Facebook to favor your ads. That’s where the other campaigns come in.

With the other campaigns, you can build up an audience and make sure people like your content before asking them to convert. You will get leads at a lower cost per lead if you do this instead of just starting out with cold Conversion campaigns. It’s a great strategy if you’re looking to save money and make sure your ads are effective and efficient.

So, there you have it. Those are the five Facebook ads campaigns that successful businesses have been using to increase their revenue and grow their business. These are the very same ones that I have used in my own business and my clients’ businesses that improved and took our business to the next level. These campaigns are generally cheaper, but they are a great way to get out there, get started, and improve your campaigns. And the best thing about them is you can even do multiple campaigns.

More than double Google’s average search conversion rate of 4.40%, Facebook Ad conversion rates (9.21%) are higher than any industry. This is why it makes complete sense that businesses should utilize Facebook’s unique ads formats, targeting options, and ad objectives. Creating an ad strategy that is right and makes sense for your business will ensure you receive the most return on your investment.

Now that you have learned which Facebook ads are guaranteed to work, you’re ready to explore which one will work best for your business.

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