Above the fold for landing pages

Why Use Above-the-Fold in Your Landing Pages

When you’re thinking of ideas of how to create landing pages.  It can become frustrating without a clear idea of how you want it to look like. 

This is where the above-the-fold concept comes in, and you can see why it will help you build better landing pages that your audience will notice and be enticed to take action.

But what does above-the-fold mean? This is the most critical area of any landing page – it’s the top portion a reader immediately lands on before they scroll down. 

A reader’s attention span is super quick – around 8 seconds. So you need to grab their attention quickly so they can take action. This is why it’s important to put critical elements above the fold.

What are these elements?

Your headline which identifies a problem, a sub-headline that can identify the solution, and your CTA button, should appear at the very top of your landing pages. While you don’t have to create really short content, you need to take into consideration that your audience doesn’t always have the time to fully digest what your landing page offers.

That’s why you have to be quick-witted with your above-the-fold elements. You can go ahead and read more on the above-the-fold concepts so you can use it effectively.


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