Testimonials, the credibility hero of your business

What are the best ways to use them as an essential SEO booster.??

As an informed buyer, you will almost always read the reviews before purchasing anything online.

And, this is the same for any coaching business!

The testimonial is a systematically written or recorded review of your product by the clients, which acts as proof to enhance your brand’s image and provide trust.

It will do wonders for your business reputation in the marketplace. And it will help you stand out from other competitors.

According to Jeffrey Gitomer, a best-selling author of sales and personal growth books, “Testimonials are the BEST way to beat down the price objection and win the sale.

It’s no secret that ratings and testimonials are competitive tools of marketing. But, do you realize how important it is to boost organizational growth and trust?

According to a study conducted by Bigcommerce, an Open SaaS solution company, about 92% of customers read online reviews before buying, with 72% of consumers (including students) saying positive testimonials and review sources have a huge impact on their purchase decision. They are very compelling examples of social proof of an organization.

Studies show testimonials are a powerful tool to boost your conversion rate by 24 percent and improve your click-through rate. They also act as a strong key performance compelling feature.

According to Trust Radius, a company that primarily acts as a trusted review site for business technology and data integrity and provides customers with honest feedback, testimonials content is easy to consume, more personal, less toxic, and more reflective of the real-world marketing experience. It also has a huge impact on company’s reputation and is effective when comparing the services to other alternatives.

Even if you have created an incredible service, people need a humanized dialogue to trust that you can deliver on your promises. It is applicable to both product- and service-based organizations.

Make testimonials your best friend, particularly if you run a service-based online company. Unlike a product-based company, the customer journey relies on “feelings”, so they must rely on other handlers, and testimonials act as a hero in addressing this issue.

When should you ask for a testimonial?

My formula for that is when you helped them add value to their lives if you’ve made them feel better if you’ve managed to effectively change their emotional state from unhappy to happy if you’ve found a nontoxic way to revert the crisis if you’ve helped them level up their story from toxic to powerful (To do so, understand their pain point first). Try to have a conversation with them, ask about your support/services and be a student, ask for areas of improvement that are needed. If the dialogue is constructive, that’s the best time to ask for a testimonial.

Building a partnership is also a goal of testimonials. They help you reestablish your story and play a key role in uplifting your reputation. When you have a positive effect on others which then leads to a beautiful relationship, may also be beneficial for your business.

When you ask for testimonials, ask for video testimonials more often. Videos are a great platform to analyze the emotional state of a person.

Visuals not only help you emotionally connect with the individual, but they also help you feel the authenticity in their statement, which is exactly what we want. Sincerity and transparency!

Aside from that, a video testimonial can be used in a variety of ways.  You can include them as text on the website or as a quote to prospects during the development stage.

Best ways to use testimonials

To begin, use it for your website, and then go to three more sources: social media, social media, and social media.

Once you’ve received the testimonials, thank your customer for taking the time to write them. Analyze how you would use it, and disseminate it at the speed of light, literally. This can not only help you leverage your good word-of-mouth strategy, but it will also make your customers feel valued.

Aside from that, you can use it for seminars, brochures, press releases, management events, and even informal conversions with potential prospects. It will help you get ahead of other competitors.

Make it a habit to search for opportunities and the right time to ask for testimonials. They can come from a variety of people, such as people you’ve worked with, people with whom you’ve partnered, or a new customer who has just started using your product; if the feedback is constructive and truthful, use it strategically to build your brand and credibility.

If it’s critical then it’ll go to your new business learnings. Finally, the aim is to expand by better serving your target audience.

If you are generating consistent leads to get great testimonials, that’s amazing!

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Your ideal clients are just a click away!

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