Secret Ingredient to have a Freedom Based Business

Secret Ingredient to have a Freedom Based Business


Every coach I’ve ever worked with has started their business because they want to change the world.  They’ve all had incredible ideas to make the world a better place, products that can change people’s lives, and a deep desire to help people become the best possible version of themselves. 

But what about you?  When starting a business, I see so many people focused on what they’re going to bring to the world, they forget to consider what they want out of it for themselves. The truth is, no matter how passionate you are about something, if you don’t plan for what you want, you won’t get it. That leads to burn out, lack of motivation, and sometimes, the business you so carefully crafted and lovingly created, crashing and burning. 

Your business should work for you. It should give you the freedom to live your life the way YOU want to live it. That will look different from person to person – we all have different times we want to wake up, different places we want to live, different people we want to take care of. But the one common thread that every business owner wants is FREEDOM

The freedom to choose how you will spend your time.

The freedom to choose what tasks you will do. 

The freedom to choose which clients to serve. 

The freedom of choice. 

Whenever I talk about freedom, one of my favorite clients always comes to mind. David was an amazing coach, who has a process to help clients transform their minds, bodies and habits.  Once a client was in his program, he KNEW he would be able to help them achieve their goals. That was where he shined – where work no longer felt like work. What David DIDN’T love, was lead generation.

From the day he opened his doors, he struggled to generate consistent leads. He worked harder and harder, hustling on social media, grinding out content only to get back an inconsistent trickle of barely interested leads. All he wanted to do was help, but instead, he spent hours at his keyboard, struggling to make enough. 

Today, David wakes up and checks his email to see the new leads that came in. His calendar is filling up with appointments, and the best part is, he can consistently close the clients that come through. Instead of hoping to get enough people to buy, he holds the power in his hands, able to crank the business up if he wants more revenue, or turn it down if he needs a break. 

How did David get here? 

He took one MAJOR step. He installed a predictable lead generation funnel into his business. 

Simply by taking the grind out of lead generation, he is able to spend more time on his clients, generating more happy customers and testimonials. His funnel even weeds out clients who aren’t ready to take on his program, so he only spends time talking to the people who are excited to get started.  The work he does in his business doesn’t feel like work anymore – he gets to use his genius to help people, just like he set out to do. His business and his life are forever changed, and he has the freedom and the time to decide what he wants to do next. 

If you’re tired of grinding, and you’re looking for a way to put the freedom back into your business, set up a time to talk with me here.  I help coaches build funnels so that they can automate the tasks they don’t love and focus on the brilliance they bring to the table. You can create the kind of life you’ve always wanted.  The freedom to build your business to suit your life is attainable – let me show you how!

Are you ready to have a pipeline of leads waiting to work with you?

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  1. Amy Stark Avatar

    Great blog post, Roxanne. 👍 A lot of food for thought.

    1. Roxanne Avatar

      Glad you found it helpful!

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