Stories Matter in Landing Pages

Did you know that an average person’s attention span only lasts until eight seconds? Within these moments, it gives a person all they need to know about you before trusting you to solve their problems. This is especially true in online marketing, particularly in your landing page.

This happens whenever I go shopping… well, before 2020. I would be at the mall with my family, and more often than not, something catches my eye. So I go talk to the nearest salesperson and ask more about that product. If they catch my attention within eight seconds, I’m sold. But if not, well, I’d probably be better off elsewhere.

But when it comes to selling online, it’s so much tougher. There’s no one to immediately talk to and you have to rely on a generic product description. What makes it even more challenging is that their attention spans are even shorter.

I notice this on social media a lot. As a user of traditional platforms like Facebook, I see dozens of posts every day. Some posts will catch my attention more than others – the rest I just scroll past, forgetting them. These are usually images without meaning. What’s the story behind the post? Why should I engage with it? 

If the post doesn’t answer those questions, I’d totally ignore that and move on.

In online marketing, it’s the same concept: it will take eight seconds for your landing page to capture your audience’s attention. If you can’t get them within that moment, you’ve lost an opportunity.

So how do you get their attention almost instantly?

You have to create your landing page with a quick one-page story that gets straight to the point.

Yes, one easy-to-understand landing page. How do you catch your target market attention?

From the headline to the last word, you need to talk about your audience. Yes, you need to reflect the solutions they’re looking for. 

For example, in the headline, you need to express how much you understand your market’s problem. With the headline, you can already catch their attention and they’ll read through and interact with any call-to-action button.

If you feel the need to explain about your landing page a little bit more, you can always add a subheading.

Use images that can relate to your audience. Pick the right ones that mirror your promise to help them. Compelling images can further pique your audience’s interest and help them to read further.

When you begin writing copy, you want to think that you’re explaining something to your audience. And that explanation needs to be clear and concise and benefits the reader. Once you know your copy is clear, you can improve it further by making it sound fun and unique. Use a voice or tone that you know your audience will positively respond to.

Think about it: When you look at the entirety of your landing page, does it sound like each element fully understands your audience’s problems? Do they feel heard with your page? Put yourself in your target market’s shoes. If you feel you understand their goals and dreams, and you know they’ll click the CTA button, then you’ve got yourself a winning landing page that will see high conversion rates pretty soon.

Stop putting up landing pages in order to send traffic to your website. Instead, think of your target audience. Think about what they need from you. If you use this method of building an effective landing page, you’ll achieve your own goal. Solve their goals to build trust with you. 

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Remember, when you create your landing page, turn your audience into the hero of the story from headline till the end. I hope you create stories that excite your target market.

Let me leave you with this parting question: How can you update your landing page to include more stories?

I hope this year will be successful for you and your business. Happy new year!


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