One missing ingredient to get your funnel to convert

One Missing Ingredient To Get Your Funnel To Convert

Have you ever struggled to sell anything before?

In September of the first year of my business, one of my clients, a well known health coach, was struggling to sell a $170 bundle.  He had all the right things: a great product, a huge email list, but for some reason, his bundle just would not sell! After trying to figure the problem out himself for a while, he finally came to me and asked for my help. 

As a new funnel builder, I was ecstatic! This was my chance to prove myself. I immediately immersed myself in his content, looking for ways to help his funnel convert better. And….

I couldn’t find anything wrong. 

Normally, clients are missing one or two elements of a great funnel, but this guy knew what he was doing. On the surface, he had all the necessary parts of a great funnel, but it still wasn’t converting well.  Something wasn’t resonating with his audience. 

So I decided to look for a new angle. His product, helping women to control their hormones, was important, but I wanted to find a way to make it relevant.   Why would women care about controlling their hormones? 

Since that first client I have seen this struggle often.  Your funnel technically checks every box on the “must-have” list, but something must be missing, because nobody is buying!  You tweak this, alter that…still, the stats stay low. Maybe something is wrong with your offer? Maybe it’s the product itself? 

Let me assure you. It’s not.

The thing that’s missing is: 


Do you remember when you were little, and your parents would read to you?  How captivating it was to sit on their lap, and hear about the princess in the tower, the brave knight who saved her, the evil magical wizard trying to keep them apart!  We never outgrow our fascination with stories – the fairytales on our parents’ laps turn to chapter books, and movies, and podcasts.

We love hearing about other people’s struggles, and even more about how they overcame those struggles. We cheer on the characters that remind us of ourselves and scorn the evil villains who would dare to harm them.  As adults, we are so enamored with stories that we get quotes and characters tattooed on ourselves – we fill our homes, our social media, our walls, and our cars with things that tell people what stories we love, which characters we resonate with. 

When we finally added a story to that client’s funnel, his sales took off. He went from almost no sales, to making over $13,000 in four days by aligning his story with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  We told a story that women could resonate with, speaking directly about the struggles they were facing, and their desire to not be the next statistic. And once those women could really see how his amazing product could help them – once they understood the journey of how to get where they wanted to go, money wasn’t a problem. It was easy for them to invest. That is the power of stories. 

So when you’re looking at your funnel, do you see a story?

Who is the hero? Who is the villain?  It doesn’t have to be a grand adventure – you can talk about a struggle and how you moved through it.  You can tell the story of how you first started your business, or why a product or service was created, or even the story of a testimonial you’ve received. And if you aren’t a writer? You can always schedule a call with me here, and I can help you tell a story that sells. 


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  1. Peace Samuel Avatar

    Hello Roxanne, this is a great pointer. We tend to follow a lot of rules and leave out the simple things that make life easy. Telling a story as simple as it sounds, made the difference for him. Kudos!

    1. Roxanne Avatar

      Glad it was helpful.

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