Don't Think Your Perfect Clients are on Facebook?

Guess again!

Discover this little known secret so YOU can find your perfect clients today.

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Inside of this free 60-minute masterclass I will show you how to find your perfect clients with Facebook.


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I hear it time and time again “Is it really possible for me to find my perfect clients using Facebook ads?”

My answer “yes” – if your campaign is set up properly.

In order for a campaign to be set up properly, you need to have the right messaging with the right targeting.


This is a proven formula that I have used many times to create successful Facebook Ads campaigns.

The problem is, with close to 2 billion daily active users. It can feel like a daunting task to find your perfect clients.

You may not even believe it’s possible to find them with Facebook Ads.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible!

I walk you through step by step, how to make this possible for your own ads.

Inside this free 60-minute masterclass, you will learn:

In this masterclass, I share the exact tool that I use in my agency with my Facebook Ads clients.

This tool has helped my clients to generate results like…

Creating a brand new Facebook Business Page and generating leads for $0.32 and $0.67 per lead (yep, you read that right).

Or maybe like most coaches you need more appointments to your calendar. Here’s an application funnel that is generating leads at $1.33 per lead.

Are you tired of throwing your money into Facebook Ads, only for them to fail?

Now is the time to have a profitable Facebook Ad campaign.

Sign up for this free masterclass and start using a proven formula for successful campaigns.

Not sure if this is baloney? Here's what some people had to say about the masterclass:

Just more testimonials from people who have worked with me:

“I had no funnel, no fb ads, no email marketing, no organization, no structure.  

[Now], it’s night & day! I’m very grateful for your help & your patience in helping me.  My fb ad & funnel is killing it.  All thanks to you rox.”

David Maher | Davey Maher Fitness

I’ve worked with several people on funnels before and taken many courses.
All efforts produced very little results and left me completely frustrated.
After meeting with Roxanne, this view has totally changed and we are full speed ahead with a funnel/campaign. AND…not only is she delivering awesome content but she has a sense of urgency and professionalism that is unrivaled. From the moment we spoke, the vibes were just so strong because I could sense her authenticity, knowledge and integrity. 

Her suggestions are spot on. The verbiage, Call-to-Action and overall configuration of the funnel is the best I have ever seen.

I am so impressed with Roxanne that I will certainly be looking to add more funnels into my business and she will be who I turn to. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather work with. “

Judith White | White Sand Travel

Hi, I’m Roxanne!

I work with coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors to grow their business with a predictable & profitable funnel. The goal of this funnel is to send high quality leads your way.

My background starts in 2013 when I started my business as an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant. I was building funnels, automating sales & business processes, creating membership sites and online platforms, managing referral partners and much more before I knew what digital marketing really was. I was behind the scenes, building the tech for entrepreneurs like yourself.

In 2016, I wanted to play a higher role with my clients’ business and became a Certified Online Business Manager. As an OBM (Online Business Manager), I manage the operations for six and seven-figure businesses, so they can focus on the aspects that only they can provide. We do this through systems and planning.

Since 2017, I’ve been focusing on providing digital marketing for entrepreneurs like yourself. We use Facebook ads as the main traffic source to fill up your funnels.

I am also a Christian, wife, mother of 3 who loves reading, journaling, watching movies, and spending time with my family.

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