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3 Reasons Why Facebook Video Ads Should be in Your Lead Gen Strat

During off days, I like to scroll through Facebook and check out the competition. Their Facebook video ads can be compelling and interesting, and sometimes I’m almost tempted to click on their CTA button to see where their ads lead me. 

That’s the beauty of Facebook video ads: they grab your attention almost immediately as they help your business increase its brand awareness and pique your target market’s interest.

If you’re on the fence about it, here are 3 big reasons why Facebook video ads should be in your lead generation strategy now.

1. Facebook Video ads get more views and clicks (aka it’s more engaging).

It’s kind of an understatement that most, if not all, of us, love some form of video content. 

Especially on Facebook, we tend to lose time scrolling down and immerse ourselves with the funniest cat video of the day or some interesting pasta recipe all the way from Naples, Italy. Even I find myself entertained with some video memes.

And Facebook knows this – that’s why they’ve been shifting to cater more to video advertising over the past few years. The average viewer looks at videos 5x longer than they do at static content, and the average engagement rate is steadily rising (to as much as almost 7% in 2020).

It’s similar to video ads. When you’ve hyper-targeted your audience, you get the engagement you need. They’ll consume your ad, take action, and share it across their network. You might not hit viral levels, but you’ll be getting the audience your business needs.

2. They also have a higher conversion rate than other types of ads.

Did you know that videos tend to perform better than static ad types? This is especially true when consumers are looking for a new business to work with or looking for new products to try. 

Just imagine someone actually looking for you on Facebook, and they happen to scroll down your video ad. In thirty seconds you talk about a problem your potential client is facing, and how you can drive them to the solution. They’re impressed with what you can deliver and immediately want to learn more. All because of a simple 30-second ad, you were able to get a client. 

But what if you’re able to get more than one client around the same time? Some video ads even get as much as 30% conversion rate, especially when people want to learn more about the business behind the ad.

So if you’re looking to turn viewers into customers, Facebook video ads are your best bet.

3. Finally, Facebook video ads are cost-effective!

If you care about your ad budget, video ads are the way to go. You can get views for as low as $0.01 per view. This is perfect for small business owners and solopreneurs who are on a tight budget.

But how?

Easy. One of Facebook’s best traits is that it’s a targeted platform – which makes it even better for any business – including small businesses – to compete in this digital environment. You can get a high number of clicks (or any action for that matter) for a fraction of a cost, compared to traditional advertising methods, and have a huge return on ad spend.

With these in mind, it’s relatively painless to keep building an audience for your Facebook Page. You can use different ads for different results, such as getting your target audience to like your page, fill out a form, or go to a landing page on your website.

And once you have your audience going to your website through your ad campaigns, you can begin retargeting them with any of your paid or free offers. This is because they’ve already shown interest in your business.

So what’s stopping you from building your audience with Facebook video ads?

If you’re still confused about how Facebook video ads work, then you may need to make sure that you know where to find your perfect clients online.  Take a peek at this free 60 minute masterclass where I show you step by step how to find your perfect clients online using FREE tools.   


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