Facebook Video Ads that Convert

Can Facebook Video Ads Convert My Target Audience to Customers?

It’s kind of an open secret that Facebook video ads perform better than static ads. 

When someone is in the market for a new business, they can go on Facebook and they’ll be served with ads of different types. Video ads will naturally be the most engaging. They chance upon your ad and they’re impressed with it, so they will contact you using the CTA button on the ad. 

That’s a conversion.

So, to answer my question: yes, Facebook video ads can convert your audience – in the form of views – into customers. You just need to find that moment when you know they’ll convert.

In fact, some video ads are known to convert 30% of total views into new clients. That’s the magic of ads. That’s how great Facebook advertising is.

You can take a look at the full article to learn more about the reasons why Facebook video ads are essential for your lead generation strategy. If you want to turn views into clients, then it’s time to use videos.


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