Explore the true power of satisfied client

Explore the true power of satisfied client

Identifying the customer journey with a brand is the most basic aspect of any market. We put in a lot of effort to plan every step of the process, from awareness to research to purchase to service and loyalty. Most of us, on the other hand, take the last two steps for granted. Rather than building a relationship with the existing client, we spend time trying to find a new one. Although attracting a new customer is five times more difficult than retaining a current one, most businesses report that 65% of their revenue comes from returning customers.

If you’re still not sure, consider any profitable business, such as Amazon. What comes to mind when we think of Amazon? Their outstanding customer service.  If you ask any successful businessman, “What made them different from the rest?” they would almost always say that they delivered on their promises and then some.

It’s not a hidden secret that your existing consumer is not just your liability, they are also your Asset.

Customer Experience Impact Report revealed that “ Around 82% of consumers in the US stop doing business with a brand if [they are] not satisfied with the customer service” while Bain and Co., US management consultancy reported in a study that, “A 5% increase in customer retention can boost profitability 75%”. We need to tap into this understated game and amp it up in order to not only add value to the best of our ability, but also to increase awareness for our brand and its identity.

It also serves as a catalyst for establishing brand trust. “The best advertisement is achieved by pleased customers,” said Philip Kotler, the “Father of Marketing.” In the 1960s, Kotler was the first to propose that demand could be generated not only by price, but also through advertisements, promotions, sales forces, direct mail, middlemen, and distribution channels.

So here are 5 Ways to “Wow” your customer.

1. Deliver on your promises and continue to add more as time goes on with consistency.

We must ask ourselves, “What is the best way to provide my clients with the best working experience?” The real secret to turning “a customer” into a raving fan is to deliver exactly what you’ve promised while still providing extra value beyond what they expected. You’ll surprise them with how much quality you have to offer.

When people are happy with a brand’s service, they usually talk about it. And, that sense of self-discovery will lead them to recommend you to others.

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again”- Walt Disney.

And, keep doing that consistently, to get great results.

2. Listen.

Well, your business is not just about you, it’s’ about your customers! Try to really listen, not to respond with an argument, but to consider where they are coming from. This is a learning process; use the information to strengthen the back end and help more people. We don’t want to force our ideas on them; instead, we want to learn about their problems and how we can help solve them.

3. Provide the solution to their problem

Then go ahead and do what you do best! Provide a solution, and make the pain go away. Do it to the best of your ability, with complete sincerity and openness. And once you’ve worked out the “what,” execute the “how” with the help of a wonderful support system. Most customers will feel connected to you if your response time is short, and this will result in the bond you want from them.

4. Create a bond with Loyalty Programs

When you’ve built your community, it’s time to leverage it by offering affiliate and loyalty programs. Consumers like businesses that deliver incentives, according to 75% of respondents. Let your client feel special because they are! They need to know that you care about them, particularly now that they’ve agreed to work with you. You can not build any relationship without trust, ask any married attorney she/he will say the same. The same goes with your consumer relationship.

5. Be appreciative of their efforts.

It’s never a bad idea to contact a current customer and give them a similar service that they could enjoy. And be grateful for their trust in your business.

Consumer retention is not the option but also the key to penetrate your potential market. And if you got that right, you’ve mastered the art of striking the right balance between new and established clients in order to grow your company.

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