Facebook video ads lead generation strategy

I’m sure you’ve spent a good amount of time scrolling down Facebook’s suggested videos for you, and I’m more sure that you’re very much entertained on most days. But did you know that each view and each click counts as an engagement? 

That’s the genius behind videos on social media. But how do you make your ads more engaging and prevent potential clients from scrolling past your video ads?

We’ll need to have a goal, and that’s to engage them right away. 

And when I mean right away, I mean the first three seconds. 

You read that right – you need to engage your viewers within the first three seconds of your Facebook video ad. Those are the most critical moments in your video because, according to Facebook themselves, 65% of viewers who go beyond 3 seconds will continue watching the next ten seconds, and nearly half will go ahead to watching the rest of the video.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of how you should engage your audience, the next step is to implement it. 

But if you’re still not convinced, hop on over to read the full article and I’ll give you a couple more reasons to use Facebook video ads as your primary lead generation strategy and get views, and then turn them into clients.

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