A Step by Step guide to flood your calendar with qualified leads.

“I had to initiate the change”.

“I wanted to give back to the community”.

“I needed more financial freedom”.

“I wanted to solve bigger problems”.

When I ask my clients why they started their online company, these are some of the responses I get. We put everything we have in the basket, from the core of our soul to the smallest cell in our brain, and wait for it to thrive. However, the majority of them face difficulties in acquiring new customers.

According to statistics, approximately 90% of online businesses fail within two years, while those that succeed develop dramatically during that period. So, what is the fundamental difference between a “good” and a “failed” business?

The simple  answer is a lack of sales; the right answer is a failure to recognize the target audience’s digital identity and develop a smart business plan to improve consumer acquisition.

In other words, they were unable to produce leads due to a weak sales funnel.

It will seem to be technical jargon at first, but I promise it becomes simpler once you understand it.

Even though they all belong to the target audience persona, statistics show that 96 % of new visitors to the site are not yet ready to make a purchase. As a result, a strong brand strategy is needed to help them persevere. As Marty Neumeier the author of best selling branding books like The Brand Gap, Zag, Metaskills (currently:Director of CEO Branding for Liquid Agency) once said, “a brand strategy is a plan for the systematic development of the brand in alignment with a business strategy.

That is why a sales funnel is so powerful.

First of all, what is a sales funnel?

In marketing terms, the sales funnel is basically a journey the customer takes when buying your product. It is composed of a way to capture their information, nurturing your audience , offering a solution to their problem, and knowing how to get their attention. For me, it is an automated system that turns that 97% of website visitors into your leads.

So, what exactly is lead?

I want to know more about you before I start investing in you,” is the plain truth of human psychology. Everyone who visits your website and is aware of your product is a lead. The next stage is to engage with them!

And let me use the two mystical terms that every successful entrepreneur uses, “Content Strategy,” the driving force behind every successful sales funnel.

Learning what kind of content the target audience wants isn’t the only part of content management. However, knowing their pain points and how you intend to address them will help to alleviate their issue. And, in the end, when you solve a problem, businesses earn a profit.

This stage of a marketing funnel is about more than asking your copywriter to use more “action words”; it’s about strategizing and positioning yourself in the market not only as a better choice than others, but as the only option.

That is where the magic actually happens.

This stage reinforces trust in your lead by educating them. It eliminates those that aren’t a good match for you. It responds to their concerns. It gives them the confidence that you understand their challenge, their goals (where they want to go), and how to get them there.

After that, we moved on to developing a relationship with them.

It’s a long-term pursuit. Trust will not only help you stay in the business, but it will also help you get regular high-paying clients and thrive.

In the end, quoting Dan Wieden, an advertising executive and the brain behind the Nike famous tagline “Just Do It”,  “ People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic”.

The secret power of lead magnets

A lead magnet is anything you offer to your client in exchange for their attention. Let’s face it no one is going to pay you any attention unless you add value to their life.

You use this opportunity to educate them.

It works on multiple levels; it not only establishes you as an authority in your field, but it also builds brand awareness and begins to generate demand for your product.

It could be a free eBook, or newsletter, or video tutorial, online course or blog post.

As someone who runs an online business, there is no secret that social media is your best friend. According to the study for online businesses, one-third of the leads that businesses get is through social media platforms and landing pages. Out of all the social media platforms, do not underestimate the power of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads perform better than static ads. Take the example of Facebook itself, they know our buying, eating, searching habits and our digital persona and use it to target ads that are easy to consume for us. It’s easier for us to absorb what we’re already familiar with and aligned with our beliefs as humans, and Facebook knows that!

Facebook ads have a 30% conversion rate and are extremely effective! They are both cost-effective and engaging.

To encourage your lead to take action, include a call to action in every piece of content you send to them.

Remember the four main stages of a sales funnel: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action.

Focus on taking one action at a time.

When a Target Audience visits your website or landing page, they are becoming aware of your brand; they are curious to learn more about you; if you are successful in building trust through consistency and adding value, they will show interest in your product; if you are speaking their language and solving the problem they are experiencing, they will finally make a decision and purchase your product.

Now, take a moment to consider your current business strategy; do you believe it is efficient enough to fill your calendar with consistent leads? Is your sales funnel powerful enough to flood your calendar with consistent leads?

Imagine how it will feel like to turn on a system and know for sure that you’re going to get qualified people who are raising their hands saying “yes, I want that!”

How would you like to have a powerful system like that change your business – heck – even your life?

I have a free case study where you get to see for yourself how a health coach who was working sooo hard to stand out on social media (and only getting not so great leads) to now having to hire someone to help him manage the lead flow.

This is possible for you too, download the High Ticket Automation Case Study if you’re ready to see for yourself – that it is possible to get your calendar booked with leads who are ready for your high ticket offer.

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