Learn the secret to creating campaigns that CLOSE CLIENTS – CONSISTENTLY, in just 5 DAYS!

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AUGUST 9th – 13th @ 3 PM EST EVERY DAY

After all the hard work and after everything you have invested in your business, it’s about time you let the process, the strategy, and the system you put in place do all the work for you.

It’s time to sit back and relax and watch as your client base grows and the money comes in. “Hold up, how,” you say? Facebook Ads! Oh, you’ve tried it and you either got confused or wasn’t selling?

Well then, join me and other coaches and business owners on a 5-day challenge of learning how to spark curiosity with your FB Ads and get people interested, responding, and buying.

Curiosity Closed The Client Challenge

When you join the 5-DAY Curiosity Closed the Client Challenge you will get a chance to win daily prizes, and a chance to WIN a free 1:1 Facebook Ads Audit from me!

You NEED to join the Challenge!

Are you creating Facebook ads campaigns and not getting any responses?  Do you know if your audience, creatives, and copy are the right ones?  If you can’t answer, then more than likely, that’s why your ads aren’t working.

If you’ve ever run ads before or maybe you want to start but you don’t want to just throw money into a campaign and “see what happens” (do you know how many times I hear that? ugh), then you have to join the challenge.

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

So, you really NEED to join the Challenge NOW!

Why? Let’s face it… chances are if you are here still reading this, then you know you have a problem getting clients and you know that this can help you fix that.

There are countless coaches in the world today and sometimes, it makes it hard to compete when nobody knows you and it seems like the bigger fish know exactly what to do to reel clients in. It feels like there is a secret society of successful coaches and business owners where they share the secrets to success. And you want in… so bad.

The online world is even more saturated with marketing pitches and ads just about everywhere you look. And the only way for you to stand out is to make sure that the assets you use spark curiosity.

Stop waiting to see what happens as you try out different “techniques” and “strategies” from experts who don’t even cater to your own niche.

Stop marketing and launching Facebook ads campaigns that you aren’t even sure works and then wishing it will give you even just one client.

Instead, discover how to have enticing and engaging assets that will have your ads sparking curiosity for your ideal clients and how to create campaigns that close clients – consistently.

Get these from the expert who has been where you are right now and learned the tricks and strategies to creating and launching successful Facebook Ads and marketing campaigns and getting the perfect clients!

You don’t want to miss this, so hurry and click the button now before you miss out…

Here’s what the 5-Day Curiosity Closed the Client Challenge will give you:


Ideal Client Avatar


How to find your audience


How to know what your audience is looking for


Write FB Ads that convert


Create eye-catching creatives

What do you get when you join?

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These are up for grabs during the 5-Day Curiosity Closed the Client Challenge:

These prizes are our ethical bribe to you.. our way of rewarding you for showing up, giving everything you’ve got for ONE epic day and doing what it takes to pivot and set the foundation for a successful future.

$20 Amazon Gift Card

FREE 1:1 Facebook Ads Audit

Why? Because what better way to participate in a challenge that will help you successfully scale and grow your business than by getting rewarded for giving your best for your and your business success!

Hey! I’m Roxanne!

I am a Certified Online Business Manager, a Certified Infusionsoft Partner, and a Facebook Ads Funnel expert.  I am a Christian, wife, mother of 3 who loves reading, journaling, watching movies, and spending time with my family.

I work with coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors to grow their business with a predictable & profitable funnel that will send high-quality leads their way. I focus on providing digital marketing for entrepreneurs like yourself, using Facebook ads as the main traffic source to fill up the funnels.

After spending years growing my digital marketing agency, I’ve learned how frustrating it can be to function as a solopreneur, hustling and grinding to get clients. Over time, I’ve learned how to manage a growing business, spend time with my husband and three kids, without burning myself out.

It’s time for you to decide what you really want this year. Whatever that is for YOU.

Just know that whatever you want is within your reach right now…


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