landing pages and above the fold

Create Enticing Landing Pages with the Above-the-Fold Concept

When you’re on different types of landing pages, what are the things that catch your eye?

Is it the headline or subheadline that convinces you to click the CTA button, or is it the story within the text?

Whatever reason you have, have you noticed that most of the elements mentioned appear just before you scroll down? 

That’s how effective landing pages should look like – the essential parts should be “above-the-fold,” or “before the scroll.”

This is an amazing concept that turns your landing pages into a practical way to convert readers into clients. To create this kind of landing page, you need to know which elements should be above the fold. These usually are:

  • Your headline (which focuses on a problem)
  • A subheading (which shares the solution)
  • Introductory but attention-grabbing text
  • A convincing CTA button

Even if your content is long, those four elements should be seen just before your audience scrolls down.

I dive deeper into the above-the-fold concept here – get insights on how to improve your landing pages and give your readers a great reason to click that CTA button.


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