WARNING! Don’t even TRY to grow your business until you read this!
A step-by-step guide to attracting your ideal clients
The Online Client Attraction Blueprint
Stop wasting time. 
Start attracting your ideal clients now.  
Do You Want
More sales?

More time for the parts of your business you actually enjoy?

The ability to say NO to those headache clients?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions.  Then this blueprint is what you need to take your business to the next level.  


As a Funnel Building Expert, I see so many coaches who are burned out from trying to find clients for their products and services. 

These people are AMAZING - just like you, they have big ideas that could change the world.
The problem? 

Their sales are unreliable.

Do you feel like you are constantly grinding to get clients? 

Are you constantly caught between finding new clients, and serving current customers? 

Would you like to solve that problem before your kids grow up and move across the country, or your partner forgets what you look like?

If you are ready to hop off the hamster wheel, and create your own Grind Free Empire, it’s time for you to grab a copy of the Online Client Attraction Blueprint.


Create an offer your audience can’t resist so you’ll see more sales, which means more money! 
✔ Get the right people in the door so you stop working with those less-than-ideal clients, which means no more frustration.
Convert your newbies into believers so they are primed to buy when you’re ready to launch, which means higher conversion rates when you open the gates!
✔ Follow up after the sale, and turn one time buyers into customers that can’t resist coming back, which means less ad-spend, and more profits!

Don’t spend years waiting to make the money you want. 

Take the shortcut, and use the Online Client Attraction Blueprint to ramp up your revenue today!

Don't just take my word for it.  Here what others have to say about working with Roxanne.

David Maher
David Maher | Owner | Davey Maher Fitness
''I had no funnel , no fb ads, no email marketing , no organization, no structure.

[Now], it’s night & day! I’m very grateful for your help & your patience in helping me. My fb ad & funnel is killing it. All thanks to you rox.''
''I've worked with several people on funnels before and taken many courses. 
All efforts produced very little results and left me completely frustrated.
After meeting with Roxanne, this view has totally changed and we are full speed ahead with a funnel/campaign. AND...not only is she delivering awesome content but she has a sense of urgency and professionalism that is unrivaled. From the moment we spoke, the vibes were just so strong because I could sense her authenticity, knowledge and integrity.
Her suggestions are spot on. The verbiage, Call-to-Action and overall configuration of the funnel is the best I have ever seen.
I am so impressed with Roxanne that I will certainly be looking to add more funnels into my business and she will be who I turn to. I can't think of anyone else I would rather work with.''
Judith White
Judith White | Owner | White Sand Travel
Kandas Broome
Kandas Broome | Integrator | The Goins Group
''We thought we needed someone to help on an as needed basis for quick fixes, bugs, etc. 
Little did we know how much help Roxanne would actually be, from video work, to campaigns within Infusionsoft/Keap, funnel work and implementation - there just are no limits. 
We now have more engagement within our list, and quick turnaround times for fixes.''
Yes, I'm Ready To Be In Control Of My Lead Generation Process

Hi, I'm Roxanne!

I am the founder of Grind Free Empires. 

I started out much like you, spending hours trying to find clients and build up my business so that I could free up the time to home-school my 3 kids and relax on date nights with my adorable husband. 

Today, that dream is a reality, and now I spend most of my days with my beautiful family. As a Christian, I believe in sharing knowledge and good fortune, so I have focused my business on helping others create their own Grind Free Empires through the power of funnels. 

Together, we can make any dream come true!  

Roxanne Oates
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