I help coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs
Accelerate Their Business Growth
through digital marketing



Do you want to amplify the results you’ve already achieved organically by incorporating ads? Tell your brand stories on the most popular platforms to reach a wider audience and generate higher revenue — with little investment!


Need a new funnel created or optimized to get more sales? Build your customer journey on autopilot and turn web traffic into customers!


Looking to automate your business? Infusionsoft’s CRM solution ticks all the right boxes of your business’s needs — from interacting with clients to keeping track of their information.


Coaches, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs come to me for networking and marketing assistance using digital communication — including email, social media, and web-based advertising, as well as text messages and multimedia. The process starts with a call, where, I identify my clients’ marketing needs. Most of the time, it’s simply a matter of them not knowing how marketing works to help their businesses. I simplify it all for them and then we execute my results-driven process. Watch this testimonial to see how my digital marketing services helped David’s business grow.

I’ve worked with several people on funnels before and taken many courses.
All efforts produced very little results and left me completely frustrated.
After meeting with Roxanne, this view has totally changed and we are full speed ahead with a funnel/campaign. AND…not only is she delivering awesome content but she has a sense of urgency and professionalism that is unrivaled. From the moment we spoke, the vibes were just so strong because I could sense her authenticity, knowledge and integrity. Her suggestions are spot on. The verbiage, Call-to-Action and overall configuration of the funnel is the best I have ever seen. I am so impressed with Roxanne that I will certainly be looking to add more funnels into my business and she will be who I turn to. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather work with. “

Judith White

White Sand Travel

I have had the immense pleasure of working with Roxanne on a marketing project for my company. Roxanne is grounded and thoughtful about her approach and as a person she is easy to get along with, a total team player (plus she has the best smile!). She is on top of all the up- to -date education you need these days to succeed and she loves what she does and it shows. Facebook ads are her specialty. I know whoever hires her is very fortunate indeed!

Colette Baron-Reid

Founder of Oracle School a best -selling author and internationally respected oracle expert



I am experienced in funnels and advertising, my two favorite areas in digital marketing. As a seasoned professional in these areas, I can identify your marketing needs and leverage your product offerings to increase your revenue.


As someone who does digital marketing, I am well versed in the technology that supports it. With my team, I can build you whatever your business needs to convert and grow your leads.


Planning keeps everyone on top of what’s going on and when it happens. I can help you plan and analyze your market dynamics to help you grow your business.

“Roxanne is a smart, focused, and very skilled online business manager. I consider her my strategic partner just as much as my online support person. I’ve worked closely with Roxanne on a day to day basis, and our clients have always shared very high praise for her work. She is consistent, reliable, and takes great pride in her work. On the technical side, she is highly proficient with several of the leading online marketing tools we use such as Infusionsoft, Lead pages, and Aweber. When she doesn’t know the answer, she takes it upon herself to learn it. She is highly receptive to feedback and is always interested in learning how to be better at what she does. That trait is something that I can’t train, and I value that kind of work ethic tremendously when looking for a team member. I would highly recommend Roxanne as an online business manager and know that your business will be in very good hands.

Sean Carroll

Social Influencer, Online Marketing and Sales Strategist/Coach, Actor, Singer, Storyteller

About Roxanne

I started out in the digital marketing space in 2013 as an Infusionsoft. Technical virtual assistant. I was told it wasn’t common to have someone who understands how the tool works. Infusionsoft was the door that allowed me to dive deeper into digital marketing.

In 2016, I become a certified online business Manager. This was when I started using paid advertising for my clients. I want to share my experience and knowledge to help online entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth.

If you can benefit from this, let’s chat about it!