“Ask the Lord to bless your plans, and you will be successful in carrying them out. Everything the Lord has made has it’s destiny; and the destiny of the wicked is destruction.” Proverbs 16 3:4 (NIV)

Hi, I'm Roxanne.

I work with coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors to grow their business with a predictable lead generation funnel. The goal of this funnel is to send high quality leads your way. This helps me to identify the current gaps, formulate a plan, and then implement it.
My background starts in 2013 when I started my business as an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant. I was building funnels, automating sales & business processes, creating membership sites and online platforms, managing referral partners and much more before I knew what digital marketing really was. I was behind the scenes, building the tech for entrepreneurs like yourself.
In 2016, I wanted to play a higher role with my clients’ business and became a Certified Online Business Manager. As an OBM (Online Business Manager), I manage the operations for six and seven-figure businesses, so they can focus on the aspects that only they can provide. We do this through systems and planning.
Since 2017, I’ve been focusing on providing digital marketing for entrepreneurs like yourself. We use Facebook ads as the main traffic source to fill up your lead generation funnels.
I am also a Christian, wife, mother of 3 who loves reading, journaling, watching movies, and spending time with my family.