4 Reasons Your Offer Isn’t Selling

4 Reasons Your Offer Isn’t Selling

You hit refresh.

Still. Nothing.


We have ALL been there. You have a brilliant offer. A gorgeous funnel. Money should be flowing into your bank account like Niagara Falls.

And yet? Not a drop.

Everybody has offers that don’t sell. When you find your bank account is starting to get drier than the Sahara, look to see if any of these reasons are the culprit.

1. You aren’t speaking your customer’s language

Each customer will have a different colloquial vocabulary at a different part of the process. Newbies will describe things differently than an expert. For example, I am very tech-savvy, and when I start talking to clients about funnel building, I need to make sure that I’m using terms that are both relevant and easy to understand. If I start using high-level terminology, my newbie client’s eyes are going to glass over and they’ll stop listening. Using the same terminology as your client goes a long way towards making them feel understood.

2. Your offer doesn’t solve their problem

You may be selling the best hammer in the world, but if the customer needs a saw, they aren’t going to buy from you. Your customers know exactly what their problem is, and while they may not know exactly what the solution is, they do have a pretty good idea of what WON’T work.  Your funnel’s job is to show your clients that you understand their problem, you understand where they’re trying to go, and that you have the tools to get them from point A to point B. 

3. Your offer wasn’t priced properly

Just like you don’t want to use newbie terminology in front of expert customers, you also don’t want to put newbie prices in front of people who want and need your high-level offers.  We automatically associate prices with value, and you want to make sure you’re showing how much your content is worth. Conversely, you don’t want to put your high-level offers in front of newbies that probably can’t afford it yet.  Make sure that the right offers are going to the right segments of your audience.

4. You chose the wrong audience

You know your client avatar, and you think you have the perfect solution for their problem so you launch and…..crickets.  Turns out what you’ve made doesn’t work for that particular audience. The easiest way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to find out who you customers currently are. The easiest way to understand your audience is to ASK them. Build everything based off their answers – research is absolutely key here.  Talk and interact with them to get to know them, their vocabulary, their issues intimately. Also, don’t just assume that what worked a year ago will work today – your audience will change and evolve over time, so research needs to be an ongoing integral part of your product creation process.  

Being off on just one of these tactics can tank your funnel and your profits. 

Check to make sure with each launch that you are creating and launching with empathy – really listen to your audience and give the people what they want.  In return, they’ll make it rain.

And if you really can’t figure out what’s going on? Click here and set up a time to talk with me! I’d be happy to go over your funnel and see how I can help you align with your audience and get rid of the grind!


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