3 Ways to Generate Traffic to a Funnel

Whether you want to increase traffic to your site, get more webinar registrants, fill your calendar with calls, get more eyeballs to a sales page…whatever the goal is for your funnel.  

You need traffic to do this.   

There are three ways to generate traffic to your funnel.

1 – Organic

This can show up in the form of social media, reaching out to past or current clients, connecting with prospects via a forum, networking at conferences or live events.  Pretty much traffic that you don’t have to pay for with money.

Organic traffic is a great way to test an offer and see what your prospects really want.  Yes, this method can take more time to yield results, but this is a great long term strategy.  I’m a firm believer to always keep your eyes & ears in the trenches and organic traffic allows you to do this.  

2 – Paid

This is the traffic that gets the most attention.  From Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, etc there are many different types of paid advertising to choose from.

Paid advertising allows you to widen your audience and get new people to hear about your business.  If it’s done right, you can at least build your email list and you can market to them later.

My favorite form of paid advertising is Facebook Ads as there isn’t a better place to target your ideal customer.  Facebook has so much data that people willingly give, it’s a great place to spread your message.

3 – Referral

This is where you partner with another business who serves the same market as you but in a different way.  You two form a partnership where you share each other’s content to your audience.

An example would be a business coach.  As a business coach, you can let your client know that they are ready to automate their marketing.  However, you don’t personally build it yourself. This is where you can partner with a service provider who builds funnels for your clients.  This type of referral builds a lot of trust easier since the business coach is vouching for the service provider. The service provider gets paid to build the funnel, the business coach gets a percentage for sending the referral, and the client is happy because their business will continue to grow.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

We’ve talked about the 3 ways to generate traffic to your funnel.  Find one way from each traffic source to master. Once you’ve mastered it, then you can expand into other traffic sources (if that’s what you want to do – it’s up to you!)  But the point is to not depend on one traffic source entirely, as the lifeline of any business is the ability to consistently generate leads.

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself,these ways of generating traffic sounds great, but I don’t have a funnel to send them to”.  If this is you, then you’ll love this blueprint that I put together “5 Ingredients for a High-Converting Lead Generation Funnel” so you have a solid foundation to build your funnel.


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