The 3 Step Process to Test Your Offer Using Facebook Ads

3 Step Process to Test Your Offer Using Facebook Ads

3 Step Process to Test Your Offer Using Facebook Ads

The 3 Step Process to Test Your Offer Using Facebook Ads.

Last month, I had a client come to me with a question I think is on almost everyone’s mind:

Is it ok to keep selling during the pandemic? 

I know that we all want to be sensitive to the heightened anxiety and economic crisis that we are all experiencing, but I strongly believe that the answer is YES. I told my client that despite record levels of unemployment, the market still needs what you can provide. As long as you are selling ethically, you absolutely can and should keep marketing your products. 

His next question was easier to answer: 

How do I make sure the market wants what I have to offer? 

That’s an easy question that I answer in my business all the time.  It’s so common that I’ve created the 3 step process below that I have each client run through prior to launching their product.  

Step 1: ASK your audience!

The best way to make sure you make money when selling an offer is to give people exactly what they want. How do you know what they want? Ask them! Every time I run a poll with a client’s email list, I have an idea of what I think is going to be popular, but sometimes, the data proves me wrong.  In those cases, I always go with the data – it’s hard to argue with numbers.

And if you don’t have an email list to ask, find your target audience and hang out with them for a while, whether that’s in facebook groups or on LinkedIn. Get to know them, and ask them individually what issues they’re having that maybe you could solve.  This pre-emptive research can save you mountains of time and money down the road. 

Step 2: Test!

Ok, so now you have the data telling you what problem to solve, but now, you want to find out more! I always have my clients do two rounds of Facebook Ads testing, first to find out WHO their target audience is, and then to find out WHAT they respond to.  

In the first round, I use the campaign set-up to run the same ad to two different audiences.  Typically, I like to do an opt-in campaign to get emails, but the real goldmine here is the data. I want to know who is more likely to be interested in my client’s offer, so when we turn on the real ad campaign, it gets as much interest as possible.

In the second round, I’m using the interested audience and trying to figure out what format they respond to best. Is it a video? A photo? A story or testimonial? Maybe a quiz? By spending $100-$200 testing these ideas out, I can increase conversions significantly.  People will tell you what they want, and what they respond to – all you have to do is pay attention to the data. 

Step 3: Scale!

So now you know who to target, and what format to use. Here is where you bump up the ad spend, and make the tweaks to increase conversions: change the ad copy, the landing page copy, or the graphics.  One piece of advice I like to give my clients is to always be testing: have two different ads running at the same time to get an idea of what is working and what isn’t. This helps you to really take your funnel to the next level, and shows you what direction the market is moving. 


Over the past month, we have seen coronavirus infections and unemployment skyrocket. Uncertainty is at an all-time high while the stock market is searching for an all-time low. Yet, in this past month, my client was able to create his funnel and earn 377 new leads, at a cost of $1.33 per lead.  If you’re interested in seeing how this was done, download the free High Ticket Automation Case study so you can see the transformation this client through and the step by step process to make it happen.  


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