3 Funnels for Building Relationships

Have you ever walked up to a stranger in public and kissed them? 

I know we all romanticize about the idea of “love at first sight”, but it’s a pretty big risk. You might end up iconic and famous, like the sailor in the V-J day photo….

….or you could end up in jail with a new assault charge on your record. It works for a few people, but the grand majority probably shouldn’t try it. 

 Same thing goes for sales and marketing. Some people can pop out of nowhere and start selling, and for some unknown reason, their bold approach to marketing works! But for most of us, that’s going to make your ideal prospects run for the hills. 

We are in a relationship-based market right now. 

Your customers want to get to know you, read some of your content, get to like you and trust you before they do business with you.

They want to see an example of your product, make sure that you can help them at whatever stage they are struggling with, wander around your site for a while.

By the time your customer is ready to buy, they want to feel like they know you, and you are someone they can trust, not just some random person who wants to get in their pants (I mean…their wallet). And if we’re being honest, we don’t want to waste our time testing on everyone – we want qualified leads for our salespeople! Referrals we know will turn into cash, not just tire-kickers. 

So with that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to have funnels that do more than just sell?  Below, I’ve provided the blueprints to three funnels that can help you build relationships with your prospects, so when you finally start selling to them, you’re a trusted authority, instead of that weird guy at the bus-stop who won’t stop licking his lips. 

1. Lead Magnet Funnel

Lead magnet funnels are pretty traditional, and they’re great for building rapport and your email list. 

To reach your market, you can use Facebook ads, but many companies just use good ol’ social media to entice your prospects to engage with you. The idea here is to offer them something they want in exchange for their email address, like a trial or a guide, so that you can engage with them and nurture them further.

This funnel consists of a lead-magnet opt-in page, a thank you page, and an email indoctrination sequence. 

In this funnel, you actually DON’T want to ask for ANY purchases – all you want to do is dive into the topics they are interested in, and introduce yourself, so they start getting to know who you are, and what you’re about. One big thing about lead magnet funnels: NO SALES.

These are best to use just to get your foot in the door – take your time! The goal is to get visitors to look around, consume information, learn about you and your product,  and turn into potential leads. The money will come soon enough. 

2. SLO – Self Liquidating Funnel

The purpose of a self-liquidating funnel is to engage with your prospects, but also break even with your ad cost.   

You’ll reach your audience in the same ways that you would for a lead magnet funnel, but this time, the end of your lead magnet or blog post will have a button that reads “Want to go deeper? Opt-in here so I can help you!”. 

This time, on the Thank You page, you’ll put a low ticket offer that makes sense for your audience (remember, all products should be in alignment with each other, so that it makes sense to continue working with you). 

While we’re getting closer to making the big bucks here, pay close attention to the pricing.

These funnels are still not feeding traffic for the top services. This low ticket offer does two things: It helps your audience dive a little deeper to get the help they need AND it forces them to make a micro-commitment.   

You want your customers to start with the bottom services, so you can make it easy to invest.  

As they use your content to work towards their goals, you can guide them through the difficult stages by putting relevant tactics in your emails.  

As they keep working with you, reading your posts, watching your videos, they will reach a point where they find they are ready to invest in your high ticket offer.

Studies show that  buyers are significantly more likely to purchase a high ticket offer if they have already purchased a low ticket offer from you. 

This is a strong relationship-building step, so you don’t want to get it wrong. It is important to remember as you are creating your low ticket offer to make sure that your features always provide high value.  

When you focus on designing a product that really addresses your core market’s issues, and you over-deliver, they’ll come back happy. 

It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to give them a piece of the puzzle that can move them towards their goal; and on the chance that they don’t opt-in, you can use Facebook’s re-targeting ads to get the lost prospects back on the page, and ready to buy. 

3. The Facebook Live Funnel

This funnel is the easiest of the three to create

It only has three steps:

  1. Go live on Facebook.
  2. Create ads so that people will come see your facebook live.
  3. Put a Call To Action at the end, asking them to send you a message on messenger! 

It’s very simple, but it can have a huge impact on your business. People love interacting with thought leaders, and learning from them in real time, because they can ask personalized questions on the topic that matters to them. 

It’s a way to bring a ton of value to your audience, and forge trusting relationships very quickly. Video is one of the most engaging ways to give people examples of your process. 

So now let me ask you…

Does your business use any of these funnels? Or do you have something a little different going on? Are you interested in learning more about attracting clients? If you loved this post, and you’d like to dive a little deeper, click here for my Online Client Attraction Blueprint! And as always, if this sounds cool, but it’s not your cup of tea, you can always schedule a call here so we can talk about how I can help you get your Grind-Free Empire going. 


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